About Patch and Quilt

Founded in 2005, Patch and Quilt offers a full range of quality patchwork and quilting supplies. Along with classes to suit beginners and beyond.

Owner, Rachel Cadwallader has over 15 years experience in quiltmaking. She is committed to helping others to discover the pleasure and satisfaction that being creative with fabric can bring. Rachel's background has always been people centered and creative, so she brings a wealth of life experiences to her business and its customers.

Rachel is a Registered Nurse with a BA in Sociology from Victoria University. As well as nursing, she tutored nursing students for over 12 years before having her son Tim, and becoming involved with the Riverside Wines winery she and her husband Ian own. She has been a keen sewer since childhood and has been involved in patchwork and quilting since 1995. To relax, Rachel enjoys a good book, traveling, wine tasting, watching cricket and rugby and any other sport Tim is playing!

Rachel has a passion for fabric and quilts as well as a love of rural life, family and friends.

She has developed her business to provide patchwork and quilting supplies and classes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Her philosophy is encapsulated in her mission statement - Following tradition to help you create quilts of the future.

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